"I saw the angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free."

- Michelangelo
Mumbai Cobras Mumbai Cobras
Brand Launch / Mumbai Cobras
Totes Here, There, Everywear Totes Here, There, Everywear
Here, There, Everywear / Totes
Karachi Monarchs Karachi Monarchs
Brand Launch / Karachi Monarchs
23andMe 23andMe
Brand Repositioning / 23andMe
Baseball United Baseball United
Dubai-Based Professional Baseball League / Baseball United
Totes Totes
When It Rains, You Shine / Totes
Artisan Village Artisan Village
A Place To Call Home / Artisan Village
23andMe 23andMe
Tour de '23 / 23andMe
Isotoner Isotoner
Wearable Recovery / Isotoner
Martino's Martino's
NIL Marketing / Martino's Pizza
TIDL Sport TIDL Sport
For Those Who Rise / TIDL Sport
Brain Beautiful Method Brain Beautiful Method
Digital Wellness / The Brain Beautiful Method
Isotoner Isotoner
Every Pair Cares / Isotoner
Kroger Take One For Your Team Take One For Your Team
Take One For Your Team / Kroger
Scriptcycle Scriptcycle
Brand Launch / Scriptcycle
Kroger Kroger
Hometown Pickup / Kroger
Dr. Teal's Dr. Teal's
Bathe Like A Roman / Dr. Teal's
Totes Totes
Shoes that carry you home / Totes
Baze Baze
Nutrition as unique as you / Baze
Welsana Welsana
Unlocking wellness for all / Welsana
Crown Crown
Crown the Queen / The Crown
Kroger Health Kroger Health
Your people are our people / Kroger Health
Crown play play
Halo Halo
Indulgence is mandatory / Halo
Kroger Health Kroger Health
COVID Solutions / Kroger Health
Kroger Kroger
Food as medicine / Kroger
Nutrition App / OptUP