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Seasonal Flu Campaign

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Growth Challenge

Amidst the chaos of the pandemic, there was a need to deliver more flu shots than ever to help reduce the strain on the taxed healthcare system and avoid confusion between the two illnesses - COVID-19 and the flu share nearly identical symptoms.


Drive 1 Million incremental flu shots (67% increase vs YA).

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Strategic Expansion

While traditional flu shot marketing centered on an older demographic, in order to drive significantly more market share of flu vaccines delivered within the retail healthcare space, our team partnered with Kroger Health to determine incremental prime prospects most likely to get a flu shot for the first time.

These consumer targets skewed much younger - disproportionately millennials - and were much more digitally engaged. We bridged the psychographic and lifestyle gaps between these targets by focusing on a universal insight that cut across this diverse group - their elevated, pandemic-fueled care and concern for the ones they love.

The three month campaign culminated with a record number of flu shots given within Kroger Health’s retail pharmacies and clinics, finishing the year at nearly 2.6M vaccinations.

Campaign Ethos

This pandemic has taken many things. It’s robbed us from our day to day, kept us from our work and play, and erased our views of regular, standard, and “normal.”

But it’s taught us things as well. The most powerful of which, is the people who matter most to us. While we’ve spent months in quarantine, seclusion, and illusion, these uncertain times have reminded us that while events may cancel and habits may change, our loved ones - our people - are what matter most.


Of the major COVID-19 symptoms overlap with symptoms of the flu.
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